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Student Comments | Porter and Chester Institute

Reviews of Porter & Chester Institute

I don’t know why everyone complains about this school. I get so much done during my day at PCI. We talk about how to get married, how to get laid, how to suck dick, homos, pedophiles, rapists, world problems, racial profiling, entertainment, and just utter nonsense. I’ve seen people just leave because they been shocked from what we do all day instead of what we're supposed to do.

Some gay guy driving a smart car left because he was insulted by everyone’s comments. We haven’t learned anything since we’ve come here. and i’ve been here almost the entire time required. Every employee here is full of crap. They treat you like royalty when your about to sign your life away to porter and chester, but after that they couldn’t care less about you. The people from career services don’t help us at all. They just copy and paste your name on the same resume….how helpful.

The school also guarantees that 95% of the grads have gotten jobs….most likely at mcdonalds. So as i only touch the surface of this topic just do yourself a favor and don’t come to this school. you’ll have a better future if you sell your body on the streets.

PCI can eat my shorts..


Porter & Chester Student Debt


Porter & Chester Wethersfield CT Campus

I attended the Wethersfield CT branch back in 07 which then moved to Rocky Hill DURING the class sessions. Total mess and very disorganized. There would be multiple group levels taught in one class. Why should I, as a beginning classmate, sit and listen to course materials for students that are ahead in course reading materials? Job placement doesn’t work there.

I went to Porter and Chester for the job placement assistance

...more than the paper I would receive in the end, and they said they would find me something. Throughout the term there was only one solid interview that was 1.5 hours away from home, Groton CT, to be exact. I went to the interview and didn’t get the job because of my lack of experience, and the cost benefit factor commuting there. That was the last interview Porter and Chester ever set me up with and apparently Porter believed I didn’t present myself well enough. So, they called the interviewer to verify what went wrong. First and foremost, its not rocket science to see that commuting a 3 hour drive back and forth each working day, would be a financial burden for $11 an hour.

So what happened? I never got a job from them, and they wondered my negativeness even though I graduated with a 4.0 average, BUT, graduating took some challenge as well. Five different dates were given to me. It became so ridiculous that I didn’t even go to my graduation, I was fed up with them.

I am not done yet. Just before finishing, Porter and Chester had the nerve to say that I owed them $1600.00 dollars out of pocket, even though I had financial assistance to cover everything. So I questioned them where the $1600.00 came from. “Go see (will not mention name)” So I did and no answer was calculated to justify this $1600.00. NEVERTHELESS, right in front me, I did see something so very interesting during their failing attempts to calculate a $1600.00 figure. Turned out they owed me $3300 dollars.

Last one I promise. So $3300.00 was reinstated back to my loan institution and this caused a backfire on my income tax return for the following year. My accountant arranged some leeway with the IRS and thankfully it was settled.

Going to Porter and Chester institute is absolutely not worth 25K. Its a high school environment playing college, and the people running the show are a bunch amateurs playing Pro. Today I am still paying the tuition for something that was a complete waste of time. NEVER AGAIN will I even think of going back to school unless tuitions are covered by the company I work for. If an investigation occurs that promotes a national lawsuit for all graduates to be reimbursed, I want to hear about it. I need to get rid of these useless loans. Thank you very much, Salvatore Randazzo of Hartford CT.



Check Alternatives to Porter & Chester

I went to Porter & Chester many years ago and have since found out I could have received a better education and still have come away with the Certificate I worked for for less then $2000 whereas here at the time because I was not eligible for any financial aid except for loans which started out at almost $10,000, and now because of many hardships and inability to pay loans, with interest I now owe almost $20,000.

All for a course that had I done more research and attended a different school I could have paid about 90 percent less at a Community College. Make sure you check ALL options, and realize this school (if you want to call it that) is NOT the best choice.



Porter & Chester Recruiters

The recruiters present their for-profit 'school' as an opportunity to learn and make a living with the trades they teach. In actuality they take your money, don't communicate with you, don't offer an adequate facility or staff to teach you anything, and then turn you loose with a minimum wage job and a mountain of debt. Most places laugh at you when you tell them you graduated from Porter and Chester! Do not be fooled! Do your research!!



Porter & Chester Staff

I'm in the process of suing this school for negligence. I told most of the staff I was having suicidal idealizations due to my homelessness and how hard it was for me to attained school. Their response it was not as bad as cancer made promises to help me which they never followed through with and let me go months into schooling then started yelling at me for my attendance and grades.

There was also an incident were another student made up having a restraining order on me without seeing proof the school wouldn't let me go to the other building to do onsite work which hindered my learning process. I am a Veteran they say they have all this VA help on there site but no liaison on the campus at all which left me months into schooling figuring out my own help that they kept telling me they would assist me with. This place is a joke I took my class serious but the school and the staff were on a different goal they just want the income fail or pass they all make bank.



Porter & Chester Student 2015 - 2016

Let's see where can I start on how I regret coming to Porter & Chester. First of all, PCI seemed great when my boyfriend was here and I was so excited to start! The first few months were fine. I was told to just stick out till graduation (2016 Jan) and maybe it would get better? But it didn't, IT GOT WORSE!!

The teacher did not help and did not understand my learning disability, when I got asked for help he would say figure it out on your own! What teacher does that? Obviously teachers here do!

Got another new teacher and he does the same thing. Here I am 4 months away from graduation and I'm suffering every day coming to this business, yes I said business! Porter & Chester could care less about their students but their money. Maybe there were 3 staff that were really helpful but still nothing could be done or they'd probably loose their job like the old staff that was here when I first started!

Whatever you do DO NOT COME HERE!! Maybe other campuses are different but PCI Branford is a waste of time and money and is full of money stealers.



PCI Attendance Policy

The attendance policy there is absolutely ridiculous. If you are even one minute late they deduct the first half hour.

They take a half hour away from you for being 1 minute late. If you miss 2 days, let's say for being sick and you can not prove you were sick, then you get a letter stating that you could be kicked out of Porter & Chester. A majority of the time when you re-appeal, it is denied and they kick you out anyway, this school is over priced, they give you *** equipment that breaks and you can not even hear out of, for 21,000 I'd say the students deserve a little break , especially ones with kids.

I can not wait to graduate so that I can tell everyone I know not to go to Porter and Chester, the only good experience I had here was meeting incredible people and my instructor. That's the only thing that made it worth it.



The Children's Hour at Porter & Chester

I wouldn't recomend Porter & Chester unless you want to be surrounded by children re-living their last year of high school. The instructors have a bad habit of discussing personal issues about students and their work habits in front of the class when those student are not in class. Not cool.




So today i went to Porter and Chester to remove myself from class. I had gone in to speak with the coordinator about removing myself from class because I was given a job opportunity. He stated to me that some of the employees were talking about me and who knows maybe others about backing out of class. As I walked by one of the financial aid adviser's offices to go into the office of the financial aid adviser that I was speaking with about removing myself from class so that the money that I was supposed to pay for class did not get sent, I overheard a group of Porter and Chester employees to include the coordinator director one other financial adviser and a couple of employees from Porter and Chester saying that "I told you so he would probably back out of class". Without knowing for sure if the comments were directed at me, there is a place and time for people to talk about people not within ear shot.

My point is, if you're looking to attend Porter and Chester institute, know that some of the faculty and some of the staff will talk about you in some regard.



Porter & Chester Night Classes

Started this school in 2011 seemed pretty good at first. Then as the excitement faded I begin to realize I was getting robbed. It doesn't matter the grades you get or if your there for every class. The financial aid department at the school is there to help but they have to follow the rules set forth by the schools board. Which sucks plain and simple. You sign papers over a year ago and they act like things dont happen in peoples lives which can change financial situations. Constant threats of being tossed out of the program your attending if you fall behind on ur in school payments. Which is about 50 dollars a month for the average student. Even though they get paid from the government which is a lot more money.

Good lawsuit though if they kick you out mid term and they dont give back to the government. If you go nights, no one is there to help you out either. Director of pupils waits till class begins then happily leaves the building for the night. Understaffed financial aid department leaves fairly early too. If you have money to blow pay up to go and you have yourself a nice place to hangout and meet new people/friends. But the school doesn't care about you - just the money. You can have a great GPA and perfect attendance and your just another dollar sign to them. Instructors do the best they can but you can see frustration in their eyes. More students then instructors to help you out to learn.

Whoever runs this school needs an intervention because they have no idea whats really going on with America these days and the job placement guy is a joke. Types you up a resume that's on standard computer paper shows you how to look for a job yourself. Using the internet. Most of us are grown ups we know how to find jobs using a computer. If your lucky to get placed you will be somewhere that you wont even be able to live and pay your student loans back. 10 bucks an hour or less in some cases.



Porter & Chester Institute - $28,000

If you need something to do for a few hours a day and don’t mind wasting $28,000, then you should consider this “Institute”. Do something productive with your life like make a sandwich, or take various pills and see what happens. Anything is better than this place. Porter and Chester has as many redeeming qualities as North Korea.

The administrators will try and sweet talk and BS you about job opportunities, career training and a great learning environment. Do not fall for their cockroach-like ways. It is all lies. They want your money and nothing else. You are better off spending it on left handed coffee cups or polka dot paint.

In conclusion, this place is a giant pink sock. DO NOT WASTE YOUR VALUABLE TIME AND MONEY!!! You are only on this earth for around 75 years, don’t waste one of them here. If you do enroll. you will be disappointed. You will be getting F’d in the A constantly.



Monetary Loss Attending Porter & Chester: $12,000.00

worst school you could possibly imagine so many flaws waste of time and they do not even help you with anything after you graduate they do not return phone calls this place should really be shut down and all the money paid and all the loans taken out should be awarded back to all previous and attending students and i did graduate and 2 months before i graduated they were already asking for their money back lmao pathethic so called school that will make your future better you mean RUIN YOUR LIFE.



Reason for Review of Porter & Chester: Bad Quality Education

Never in all my educational years did I find a school so unprofessional. The attendance policy is ridiculous.

There is no way of passing the appeal unless you have documentation of all the days you missed. Like I have to work to pay off the school monthly. I even worked overnights sometimes which caused my absents. The school provides you with cheap tools that you probably pay double for what it's actually worth.

And don't even last through the whole year. Funny because the instructors recommend you to buy good tools that last.

Learn from my experience; the school is too over priced and so unprofessional that it's not even worth the time, cause you will likely not even learn half of what they teach you.Wished I never enrolled...



Porter & Chester Branford Campus

This school is definitely a rip off especially Branford location. All programs are a joke except the dental assisting but cmon how hard can passing tools be? The instructors barely teach and expect you to know it all before hand. Even through the inconsideration I maintained grades that were well but no recruitments. I’m still paying off loans when I was promised guidance and instruction. All I received was a pat on the back and a regular job that has nothing to do with the field I studied.



Former Porter & Chester Instructor

I worked as an instructor at Porter & Chester in the 90s. If you are looking at any of these schools the first question you need to ask yourself is, if the school is inferring (never promising) that their program can lead you to a high paying career then why are the instructors paid so poorly? If your instructor can lead you to a high paying Information Technology career than why is he working for peanuts? He/she would be working in the IT industry if it is so lucrative. In the 90s Most of the instructors were being payed salaries in the mid 30's while the sales department was implying high paying salaries for IT graduates.

Porter and Chester is a for profit business. They will admit anyone willing to pay the tuition. Many of the students were recent high school graduates who brought with them the same work ethic that they displayed in HS. I felt bad for everyone. The students with a real work ethic never got the education they deserved and the immature students learned nothing except that they were responsible for the student loan money they wasted.



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