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Job Placement | Porter and Chester Institute

Porter & Chester Job Placement Assistance

I have to say that I am disappointed with the school. My teachers were great but the school didn't hold up their end of the deal like they said they were going to. I finished school on the 10th, I was told I would be called twice a day by the girl from career services and I have only been called once. She told me she was sending out my resume to a few different places & she did not! I only found out because I called the places that my resume was suppose to be sent to only to be told they did not receive anything. When I told her this the one and only time she called she was shocked to hear that I followed through and actually tried to contact the places. I would love nothing more than to find a job doing what I went to school for but feel disappointed because the school isn't helping me like I thought they would.



Job Placement Doesn't Work There!

I went to Porter and Chester for the job placement assistance more than the paper I would receive in the end, and they said they would find me something. Throughout the term there was only one solid interview that was 1.5 hours away from home, Groton CT, to be exact. I went to the interview and didn’t get the job because of my lack of experience, and the cost benefit factor commuting there. That was the last interview Porter and Chester ever set me up with and apparently Porter believed I didn’t present myself well enough. So, they called the interviewer to verify what went wrong. First and foremost, its not rocket science to see that commuting a 3 hour drive back and forth each working day, would be a financial burden for $11 an hour.

Porter & Chester Job Placement


PCI - Senior HVAC Residential Service Technician

I have in the past 3 years talked with employers of a lot of graduates and most say they had to fire the former student because they don't have what it takes to sustain employment due to lack of knowledge, ability and understanding the job requirements.



Availability of Jobs After Graduating From Porter & Chester

I decided to place a phone call to Porter and Chester’s ongoing job placement assistance board. I felt well heck, I spent the money, maybe they’ll at least be able to help find me another job. What do you think their answer was? “Oh, sorry, but the availability of jobs in the field has been pretty dry, we’re advising students to get out there and network, good luck!” What the hell??? Get out there and network??? What the hell am I calling you for then!!!

Please people, this whole experience was something that has continued to haunt me even years later. I’m advising all parents and prospective students to steer clear of places like this. They’re in the business of making money, not educating you!!!



Porter & Chester Job Placement Specialist

And the job placement guy is a joke. Types you up a resume that's on standard computer paper shows you how to look for a job yourself using the internet. Most of us are grown ups and know how to find jobs using a computer. If you're lucky to get placed you will be somewhere that you won't even be able to live and pay your student loans back. 10 bucks an hour or less in some cases.

On to the career resource center, a room with 2 chairs, 2 computers, one of which doesn’t function despite many attempts to have the issue resolved, and a printer. The “job placement specialists” seem to be very out of touch when it comes to the students needs.

NOTE: The minimum qualifications to be a Placement Specialist at Porter & Chester is a GED with two years experience. <Check the charts on this page>




Porter and Chester sux! After 1 year, I still cannot find work. I am working as a waitress instead. I have called the school in Enfield Ct and never had any of my calls returned. False hope is right, once you are done… so are they. They should be reported to the Better Business Bureau. I am shocked that they have not been investigated yet. If somebody could afford a lawyer than I would def jump on and start a class action law suit!



Huge Loans No Jobs After Graduating From Porter & Chester

Hi parent of two students graduated from Porter & Chester Watertown campus..what’s going on at this school?? BS 101..both had 4.0s medical assisting and autotech..no jobs..Mr Palmer the only one going out of his way to help..in auto..huge loans no jobs as promised. Then the kids give up with my phone ringing off the wall for the $$ to b paid back..this is fraud don’t commit to borrowing federal funds from govt and false promises of jobs after they graduate..its getting worse..no hookups or connections in wtby..or you’re not bilingual no JOBS period..terrible..this is fraud and deception.

The school is pumping out the loans with an 80 percent default status upon its grads..putting them in line for food stamps not to mention depression..what is the ratio of grads overall from these campuses getting reliable jobs after their internships?? These statistics need to be researched b4 any student borrows from any PC institute.. some one might consider a class action lawsuit for fraud!!!